Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Third out of 3, for now

Now the last one, the amazing Kaliman. This character is so interesting in so many levels! To many to discuss. I quick rundown of his background: he was found orphan and abandoned by a Prince who was the heir of the goddess Kali. The kid is raised to maximize human physical, mental and spiritual potency, and is by all definitions a "perfect" man. His goal in life is to protect justice, and becomes some sort of world class detective and crime fighter. His powers are of the mind (telekinesis, telepathy, so on...), and he knows martial arts and criminology, and everything else. He is not like a superhero in the sense that he does not fight supernatural monsters or villains, but he is supposed to be a bit above regular humans.

It was a radio show, a comic book and two movies all together. Kaliman's legacy has been forgoten in Mexico and Latin America quite a bit, but he is still very well known over there. Lots of fun to paint him!

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