Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Old One all around

A better quality turn around image. My website is meant to be seen in any computer and thus is small. I hope this image shows in better detail my work with Cthulhu.


The Jaguar Warrior of the Olmec civilization seeks for advice. The old king talks using the murmur of the water, which only the warrior can hear. This image is (loosely) based on a prehispanic myth.

This lady is a mechanic (concept)

Some digital concept work. Since I don't get to my blog very often, I have to make multiple posts at the time! 

A quick sketch

Quick gestural sketch I did a while ago :P

The old (and creepy) one

Zbrush Sculpture based on an old design of Cthulhu. I know that it is normally depicted by other artists as a hulking, strong monster, but for me Cthulhu represents a different kind of fear. A big scary monster is a threat to our physical integrity, a challenge to our abilities and wits. What is really scary about the Old Ones is how impossible is for humans, according to Lovecraft,  to prevent the doom they bring. They are older than humanity, more powerful than any hero or weapon. I decided to make Cthulhu too have a decayed, aging body that represents a fear on us perhaps more primal and less avoidable. No matter how powerful we are, we all succumb to time, right?  >:[

Coffee Pot

This was for my degree project. A Coffee Barista from a dystopian future!

Character concepts

Some characters, and sketches behind them. It is nice to be able to show better resolutions on my blog than on my website!