Thursday, October 17, 2013

50 iPhone mini-sketches

I love drawing people in the train, but unfortunately, my schedule and location make it so I never get a seat! Drawing careful sketches on my notebook while standing is out of the question, so I've been using a simple painting application on my phone instead. This is good in a way, because it is forcing me to be very straightforward. The constant shuffling of my fellow passengers getting in and out prevents me from looking at anyone for too long. I have just a  few seconds to capture an impression and move on, sometimes not getting anything more than a silhouette.

Here we have 50 quick drawings of the beautiful people of Boston. More to come :)

Edit: the iPhone app I used is called Brushes (here is the link:


K.Telless said...

Saw this on reddit - What a fun idea! I've seen those iPhone apps and used to love drawing people on the subway but I never thought about using the iPhone app to do it!

They look great!

Abraham Evensen Tena said...

Hey! Thank you for the feedback. I didn't know it made it to Reddit :)

Drawing people in the Subway is awesome. Sometimes they look at you, they know what you are doing, but they still keep to themselves. I wonder if in those situations people think "oh boy... Another Wacko artist drawing in the train..."

Patrick Glass said...

Can you edit the post so everyone can see what app you're using? I'm sure every artist that sees this will want to know!

K.Telless said...

Hahaha, I often noticed that the main people who knew what I was doing were the people next to me rather then the person I'm drawing. I like to draw in coffee shops also, this is even less obvious to the ..model?

Here's the link to the Reddit post.