Saturday, September 7, 2013

Another (weird) iPad Sketch

I'll be honest: I was not very sure about posting this image. It started as a distracted sketch, half trying to come up with a contorted, expressive pose, and half watching Orange is the New Black :P 

I drew and erased different poses, but this one interested me the most due to the strong diagonals all over. When it came time to draw the head, the silly cartoon cat face worked well for the diagonals because of the ears folding back, and the sharpness of the nose. That's really why I like about drawing these cat cartoons: the ears are an easy way to create an expressive silhouette, and you get big eyes and mouths for free! In my last cartoon from observation I discovered that I can reach the same expressive effect by pushing more subtle elements in a human character, like the strength of the hair shapes, the rigidity of the brow-forhead, and the roundness of the head shape as a hole! Maybe next time I am doodling like this I won't fall on the easy solution of the simple cartoon cat face, but for now, this is what I got. 

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