Thursday, March 11, 2010

Somali Pirate WIP

Another stage on the Somali Pirate illustration I am doing for my Zbrush class. The hands need a lot of work and the pose is by no means definite, but that is precisly the power of Zbrush: it allows the for a very flexible workflow, in wich you can choose to tackle detail and overall shapes back and forth, moving from levels of detail with ease. I know that is better to finish all your big shapes first before moving into the detailing, but the truth is that sometimes that detail informs the pose, the anatomy and everything else. As I started working into the more subtle details of the face, for example, it became clear to me that that rest of the body should have more tension. He is relax but aggressive in the sketch, but now that his face is a bit more stressed, I know where to move with those hands and arms, and how tense his muscles should be. This an exploratory excercise anyway, so is fun all around!

For the next Zbrush project, I have to make a frieze. I am working on some sketches for the capital frieze of the temple of Esoteric Order of Dagon, which is located in old Insmouth. Shadowy things of the utmost eeriness happen in there tho, so avoid the town or visit it at your own risk...

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